As employers, would you like a helping hand in the hiring process of your new employees? To have a more personal touch than what the online job applications have to offer? With the Goodwill of Silicon Valley’s WorkConnect we link you with qualified candidates that are well suited for your organization’s needs. We will refer the best participants to your open positions, individuals that are motivated to work in your field of industry. Because we want to service the community and create a partnership between employers and job seekers.

If you notify us of available positions and advertise fliers or printed jobs on our job board, it creates awareness for applicants to apply. Giving you a larger pool of prospective employees to choose from. We also offer scheduled or drop in interviews to give you a chance to interview potential employees at your convenience. Because we want you to feel confident that you are selecting the right candidates.

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    Job Announcement Board

    If you have open positions within your organization you are able to post them on our center’s job board. This lets participants in our program see your open positions which in turn gives you a wider selection of applicants. Once you post these openings we can also refer qualified candidates to your business. Because we have a wide range of participants and can recommend ones with desired experience and education to your flier. Include a description of the position with responsibilities, qualifications, and contact information so we can pass on the information to the client.

    Unlike job sites like Indeed or Glassdoor we can get a real impression of a candidate to see if they would be a committed and right fit for your organization. If you have an administration position, for example, we will refer them to your posting if we feel they are mature and can handle office responsibilities. If you have a retail position we can better suggest a person with customer service experience and a friendly attitude to represent your company. By suggesting your positions to the most qualified of candidates you will receive a larger pool of desirable candidates to choose from.

    You can reach out to our center and ask for more information about our job board on how to post jobs or hiring events.

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    Host Hiring Events

    Another service that we offer is hosting hiring events for organizations. If you would like to schedule our center for a date to host and make the community aware of your opportunities we are happy to assist. These are events in the style of open interviews. Walk-Ins and people curious about your company can come in, ask questions, and apply. This creates a chance for you to meet future employees with a face to face meeting and increase your connections, all within a short span of time. Because we are here to offer an alternative for finding potential employees besides those sent to you by a computer or an app, WorkConnect focuses on the interpersonal hiring process of future candidates.

    This way you can make personal introductions to interested walk-ins and have a one on one conversation with them. You can discuss aspects of your open jobs, receive their questions, and offer applications for those interviewees you are interested in. Being able to see firsthand how captivated they are, what questions they ask in the moment, and how they handle themselves in a professional setting. Picking up on verbal and non-verbal communication they express.

    Also giving walk-ins a chance to feel more comfortable and less pressure than a typical job interview. This lets you have a conversation with them and gives an authentic look at who they are. You can find if they’ll be a good fit for your work environment and be a possible good fit for your team.
    Feel free to contact our center and ask for more information on these events. We can schedule a reservation for your organization and forward the information to possibly interested participants. Helping you get the word out and promote your business’s growth.


    Schedule Drop-In Interviewing

    When we believe we have found a qualified candidate for your position we will contact you for a potential drop-in interview. This is an arranged meeting that WorkConnect will schedule with you and the participant, allowing you to come into the center and interview. Acting as an alternative to your office for more convenience and familiarity for the interviewee.

    Under this circumstance there can be multiple parties interested in your position(s) and you can be notified when they are available at one place, one time. Allowing you to bypass the chaotic scheduling of trying to get multiple people into your office for a day of interviewing. Something like that can be disruptive to your work day and slow down productivity. So outsource the job to use and let us support your schedule and give you ease of mind. When a pool of experienced individuals are available and ready for your interview we will let you know. Because we are here to support your success just as much as the job seeker’s.

    This starts with you notifying the center specialist of open positions within your organization. The WorkConnect specialist will then post this opening on the job board to act as a reference. As a result they can inform an accomplished job seeker and hand them the flier to see if they would be interested. The final step would be receiving a call from the WorkConnect to schedule a time for you to perform a drop-in interview.

    Feel free to contact our center and ask for more information on these events. We can post openings for your organization and forward the information to possibly interested participants. Helping you get the word out and promote your business’s growth.


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