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Our goal at the WorkConnect is to connect you, job seekers, to employers and career opportunities around the community. Giving you up-to-date information in a variety of career fields. Because we want you to feel confident choosing a job that makes you happy. We also work with you step by step to create your resume or give it a revision and provide employers with an accurate snapshot of your experience. We also provide assistance with online job applications so you do not feel lost or unsure where to go. Our priority is to prepare you for success and achieve your goals.

We want you to feel confident in applying to positions. This starts with creating your resume and using the tools at the WorkConnect office to reach out to employers. Drop in and use our computers to apply for jobs, fax machines to send in your application to open positions, or our printer to have a fresh copy of your resume. If you don’t have access to any of these tools come by and we can support you and provide access to these tools.

Connect with us and learn how we can help you

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    Businesses have to go through a great deal of potential employees, all competing for the same position. Which is why it is so important to create a good impression with a well crafted resume. Details like specific job responsibilities, dates, and summaries of positions all affect an employer’s decision to hire. Maybe you aren’t sure where to begin making your resume. How far back should you list a job? Can it be longer than one page? We’ll provide a reliable template that will support your job search and tailor it to your experience and education.

    Because we work to include the most relevant information on your resume. Starting with the most recent education you may possess. Listing the start/finish dates and degree/certificate obtained. It’s important to describe any relevant coursework that may aid in the success of the job you’re applying for. This combined with your GPA, honors/awards, and completed projects provide an accurate snapshot of your achievments.

    Follow this up with your work experience, listing past positions, dates worked, and a short description of each. Try to be as specific as possible and give five or six bullet points describing the past position. This gives employers a snapshot of your experiences and what you can apply towards the job you’re applying for.

    We also give advice on how to market yourself to potential employers. Creating a concise cover letter and objective statement so you are able to clearly market yourself for a position you would like. Acting as a short representation of your work ethic and personality it is crucial that you have a description that you can show to potential positions. It’s difficult to create this branding for yourself when you don’t know whether to be more professional or when to add some personality into it.
    Or if you’re already happy with the one you have you can still drop in to let us proofread it. Let us read it with a pair of fresh eyes and offer suggestions for potential areas to improve.

    Connect with us and learn how we can help you

      Job Seekers
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      Interviewing Skills

      If you’re feeling nervous about an upcoming interview we can prepare you with a practice run so you feel comfortable for the next step. Giving you realistic questions an interviewer may ask and provide you with how to professionally express yourself. You’ll receive tips and strategies on how to make a great first impression with an interview. Whether this is responding to questions, explanations of past employment, or tips on having a professional demeanor. We’ll equip you with the tools to make a killer impression during your interview!

      It starts with you dressing professionally. Making sure your clothing isn’t baggy, doesn’t have inappropriate images, and is clean. Because you want to give the impression that you take yourself seriously and will take the job seriously. Wearing a nice button up shirt, with dress pants, and dress shoes is preferable. You can also wear sweaters, cardigans, and blazers. Don’t be afraid to mix and match what feels right as you want to feel comfortable and confident. Your local Goodwill is full of clothing that is perfect for job seekers.

      The interviewer will most likely start with a question like “what makes you want to work here” which may sound like an empty question. But it is your chance to give an interesting answer. If you’re applying for a cashier position you can answer “I enjoy interacting with people” or if it’s a warehouse position you can say “I take pride working with my hands and being part of a team”. This is your chance to answer the question and add in information about yourself. Remember, you want to use the limited time in the interview to show as much of yourself as possible.

      It takes time to develop these skills and learn to express yourself in a professional manner. Which is why the WorkConnect offers practice interviews where we replicate the interview process. Giving you real questions employers will ask and ideas how to respond to them.

      Connect with us and learn how we can help you

        Online Job Search

        In today’s job search environment almost everything is done online. Whether it is connecting with employers or applying to positions, you, job seekers need to have reliable knowledge of these online resources. Indeed, for example, is generally the most popular service for finding employment as it offers a variety of positions and filters out search terms.While LinkedIn is a more of a professional social network site that also aids in making connections to professionals in the field. This website also allows for more specialized positions and building a professional network of colleagues.

        Indeed will be of most use to directly apply for positions and receive word back from employers. This starts with creating your profile, attaching your resume to the account, and searching for positions that interest you. There are different filters to search for jobs that narrow down location, pay, full/part time, career field, and many more that help you find the best position for you.

        Once you apply for a position it may take up to a week for an employer to get back to you for a phone call or to set up an interview. If, for some reason, they don’t connect with you it is a good idea to follow up with them. Call their number and ask for their hiring manager to check the status of your application. You can start off the conversation with something such as “I am very interested in this position and would like to ask if you looked at my application or have any questions about my resume”. This allows you to find where you are at in the application process as well as express interest in the company.

        It’s also important not to neglect company websites that you can directly apply on. If a company, perhaps a non-profit or smaller business, that you’re interested in isn’t on a job hiring website, go directly to the source and start the application process on their site. It’s the goal for them to give you a response but if they don’t feel free to call up and check in with them about the status of your application.

        Connect with us and learn how we can help you

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